Some thoughts to ponder…

In one of my graphic design group that I joined after a course, there is a student who asked…
“I know how to use Photoshop and AI, but I don’t know how to start. I am a beginner and I don’t know how to start to get projects, I don’t have any portfolio to present”.
Upon reading this, I also commented that I myself is in the Design industry but honestly I am also struggling and not that creative when we talk about graphics. It was like there is some part of my brain that really doesn’t work when you talk about creative graphic design ideas. I know how to use PSD, a little bit of AI, and an Intermediate in InDesign. These softwares are all used in graphic design and I just learned thru time—from work and for work. I myself just recently used graphics from Canva, which you can edit and modify, great app by the way.

And nowadays there are lots of ways to learn via internet and social media….

So one of the members commented and suggested on my comment:

“You practice, and practice, and then practice some more. Then guess are better when you started and I bet you used some of that re-found creativity. If you need inspiration, go outside, look on instagram, study ads and all the graphics you see online. What sets them apart and what can you take to apply in your own work. It’s a learning experience, for everyone…”

So I did that, I went outside and go for my rapid testing as proof that I am covid free; and now I can go out and entertain all my pending inquiries and viewings for other properties we handle. We have another company doing Property Management.

Haha…so what’s the connection from that good advise to doing rapid test…??!🤗

Finding your niche…

I guess what I am saying is, I am always distracted, can’t really finish a task I was supposed to finish. Doing multi tasking is really taking a serious toll on my schedule.
So I guess another factor why “my creativity really doesn’t work” is because I am lacking of time management.
One task at a time…
Proper scheduling…
Time management…

So maybe I can switch off my phone for few hours a day so I can work on my creativity? What ya think?😅

So back to that good suggestion a while ago…I did that actually, look for inspirations…but not with graphics design though but on presentations for projects. Well still a graphic presentation, the other type of graphic presentation…

Before, I used to do renderings, but I have stopped to do work on other aspects of the job of a Designer. And this is what I achieved for few hours of tweaking the designs and did some quick renders. 

find your niche

Thanks to my powerful desktop, few minutes and I saw a result…a monochromatic render…and guess what, I was able to finishtwo presentations…yay🙏🍾💪

So, another thing I wanted to say is, if you really set your mind into something you are passionate about, you can be successful.


Do something on what you really want to do, and not because you are force to do it. No matter how difficult a task can be, when you are passionate on what you do, nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goal.

And my next goal? Work on my creativity on the other type of graphic design.


During this time of pandemic, there are employees being out of job, companies closing down as they can’t cope with the effects of Covid 19.

And working on the construction industry has also slowed down the business.

For young Architects, having difficulties finding a job, or for those thinking of starting your own Firm but has been deferred because of this pandemic, do not stop, do not be discourage.

Find what is special and needed at this point in time. This pandemic will end, and while most are struggling to survive, try to find ways on how you can improve your skills that you can hone and become productive and successful on your chosen path.